Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Turtle Wave

Turtle Wave

36″ X 48″, Acrylic on canvas ©August 19, 2010, Edward A. Obermeyer

$1,200.00/Framed (Black Nielson Canvas Metal Frame)

I created this piece after reading so much about the BP oil spill and seeing so much of it in the media. I am using my latest style that I call, Post Aboriginal Modernism, where I borrow from the symbolism of the Australian Aborigines and twist it into a more modern mode with my pinstripe skills from automotive painting and some new mark making techniques I come up with as I go along. I find this whimsical yet stylized pattern art style much more interesting to do than my earlier realistic and fragmented pieces. I also feel that I have finally achieved a “personal voice” in my work through complex mark making and sharing stories about topics of interest in the media or travels I have done around the world. When I saw those turtle being relocated in the gulf, the dolphins covered in oil, and the black oil in the shorebreak waves, this was my response. Having been a surfer since 1964, I have always had deep feelings for the ocean and how it has brought so much pleasure to those of us fortunate enough to be near it. This painting is meant to share that positive feeling of the moving wave, fearsome in its size, but beautiful in color and form. The turtles rise in unison to escape the oily waves below as the dolphins leap for the air in desperation. The foam in the center of the wave has been stylized with “wheat strokes” to enhance the beauty of the surging foam which is contrasted against the concentric circles that make up the Aboriginal sky above.

Prints Available in the following sizes:
29″ X 23″-Matted/Shrink Wrapped-$75.00; Framed: $250.00
17 1/2″ X 14 1/2″-Matted/Shrink Wrapped-$45.00, Framed: $125.00


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