Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter



Edward A. Obermeyer©11/14/2009

Acrylic On Canvas 26″ X 36″


This is part of my series of paintings based on our travels to Australia in the summer of 2009. As a passionate follower of the didgeridoo and all things Australian, I just had to embark on a visual journey to revisit all of the amazing places we had been. While developing art lessons for my advanced art students at Ocean Lakes High School, I became very interested in the art style of Alfredo Arreguin, a Mexican American artist who moved to Washington state from his beloved Mexican rain forests. His unique jewel like patterned style really appealed to me and I felt that by mixing that style with my old school pin striping skills and Aboriginal dot painting, I could come up with some very interesting ways of sharing my experiences through the visual arts. For me, mark making has always been what painting is about, and I have always tried to come up with new and exciting ways to do so. I also liked the idea of utilizing a dark ground to generate a sort of brilliance to the colors when applied to the surface.

I used several photographs I had taken in Australia as a visual reference to catalog our exciting journey. The inspiration for this painting came from a peacock we had seen when we first arrived at Alice Springs in Australia. He just paraded around us without a care in the world, and was more concerned about a bird threatening his territory than with us photographing him. At the bottom of the piece are symbols of the hands we had seen at Red Hands Cave in the Blue Mountains, about an hour outside of Sydney. When we first entered the cave, we only saw a few hands on the walls, but after peering at the walls for a few more minutes, more and more of the various adult and child sized hands began to appear mysteriously before our eyes!!! Just above the hands are several of the Birdwing Butterflies that we saw in Kuranda at the Northeast Queensland rainforest area. The three blue shapes represent the Three Sisters Rock formation in the Blue Mountains and of course, above that is our Peacock friend from Alice Springs and one of the many kangaroos we saw in the wild while there. The bird on the right was a wild Jemby Rinjah birds we also saw in the blue mountains. They are gorgeous wild parrots found in that area of the country. Various rock formations from the Arrernte area of Alice Springs, the blue mountains, and Kuranda finished the piece.

Prints available in the following sizes:
25″ X 36″, matted and shrink wrapped: $150.00, Framed: $300.00
20 1/2″ X 15 1/2″, matted and shrink wrapped: $75.00, Framed: $170.00
12 1/2″ X 15 1/2″, matted and shrink wrapped: $45.00, Framed: $120.00


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