Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens, No. 1

Acrylic On Canvas, 3′ X 4′

Edward A. Obermeyer©10/11/2009


This piece was inspired by a trip to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens during the spring of 2009. While looking up at the Japanese maples through my camera, I saw some incredibly abstract patterns through the lace leaf varieties of that tree peering through the sun light in the early morning. I plan on doing a series of these trees and other beautiful objects I saw in the Japanese garden that year. I have been there many times to seek comfort and to just plain connect with nature, but this was the first time I had noticed the intricate patterns of leaves and light while looking up from the ground.

I first chose to sponge the paint onto the canvas with no preliminary drawing whatsoever so that I could capture the feeling of light that day. Working wet into wet with acrylics, I continued to sponge until I felt I had the feeling of the pastel colors that peered through the sunlight that morning. I then began to illustrate onto the canvas with mars black and dioxizine purple the various branches of the tree, starting first with flat bristle brushes and then on to softer lettering brushes and small round brushes. Once the branches were done, I decided to outline them in red, to simulate the style of Aboriginal cross hatch outlining I had seen in Australia. This was followed by months of layering dots using small dowels. At this point, I put away my brushes and laid the canvas flat in Aboriginal style to tell the story about the trees I had seen at the garden. I was especially excited to paint like this and began to see all kinds of serendipitous images appear in my dot patterns that were never planed! I believe this loose, stylized way of painting is opening up new directions for my work in terms of mark making and personal expression of real life experiences and cultural influences.

Prints available in the following sizes:

36″ X 48″ Canvas Print on wooden stretcher with lattice frame:  $500.00 (rolled up in tube without frame:  $300.00)

36″ X 48″ print on paper framed in black and green wooden frame under glass:  $500.00

23″ X 29″, matted and shrink wrapped:  $150.00, Framed:  $275.00

17 1/2″ X 21 1/2″, matted and shrink wrapped:  $75.00, Framed:  $185.00


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