Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Fragmented Hummers

Fragmented Hummers


This painting is dedicated to my wife Kristine, who has a passion for hummingbirds. While in the rainforests of Costa Rica and at the Hummingbird Gallery in Monte Verde, we experienced hundreds of different types of hummers. They began to land on KrisÕs hand and the look of wonderment on her face inspired me to create this painting for her so that she would always have them to look at. These wild creatures were so tame yet so quick. I have tried to capture their luminous metallic wing textures that we could see daily in the Monte Verde Cloud Forest.

The backgrounds were freehand airbrushed and the birds handpainted and airbrushed over to soften the lines and textures. This piece required many layers of paintbrush and airbrush overlays until I achieved the desired effect of the undercolors on the surface colors. I was particularly fascinated with the paintbrush strokes on wet areas and how they could blend together to create the wing patterns. This required the use of my entire brush arsenal but resulted in a wonderful textural experience.

Prints available unmated but shrink wrapped:  $15.00, 17″ X 30″


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