Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

About me

My paintings reflect my passion for nature and a desire to tell stories with images from my personal experiences around the world.  As an art teacher, active waterman, and artist, the purpose of my artwork is to share with others my diverse experiences with nature and cultures I have encountered throughout my travels.  It is this passion for natural phenomena that prompted my trip to Nova Scotia and Niagara Falls during the summer of 2005.  Standing on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls was reminiscent of Frederic Edwin Church’s early works and was an inspiration of many of my paintings.  Whether driving through the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia or swinging from a zip line in the rain forests of Costa Rica, I have witness some of the most breathtaking landscapes one could ever hope to see.

More recently my wife and I visited the Grenadine Island chain and sailed a beautiful yacht from the island of St. Vincent to all the Grenadines.  The Caribbean blue colors and people of diverse cultural backgrounds became another series of paintings entitled, The Grenadines Series.  This series was at first realistic, but later transformed into my new Post Aboriginal Modernist style. In my earlier work, brush painting and airbrush were used for various realistic effects.  The abstract repetition of little marks on canvas brought out my interpretations of reality.  I enjoy the challenge of trying to replicate reality with little abstractions of color, line, and complex underpainting techniques.  More recently my works have been influenced by the famous pattern painter from Seattle Washington, Alfredo Arreguin, who has been my mentor and inspiration for much of my new works of art.
My more recent paintings reflect my passion for the study of Aboriginal culture and the making and playing of Yidaki or Didgeridoo, an Aboriginal wind instrument.  I have left my comfort zone with realistic painting and am now painting in a more stylized manner with dot patterns and cross hatched lines which utilize my pinstriping skills.  The paintings are still done from photos I have taken on my journeys to places like the Grenadines, but the technique combines my identifiable images with Aboriginal dot painting techniques and symbols used in their culture.  In this way, I have reinvented myself as an artist and express my feelings about the diverse culture of the Aborigines I met with my own personal voice and symbolism.  I model the painting process for my students to show them the effort required to do a complex drawing prior to beginning the actual painting.  As I encounter technical or structural problems in front of my students, I demonstrate how to solve them in the painting process.
I have been an art teacher in the Virginia Beach City Public Schools for 33 year and have a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from VCU.  My work has been shown at the Contemporary Arts Center in Va. Bch., Frame Up Gallery, Ocean Art Gallery, The Virginia Beach Boardwalk Art Show, Tidewater Artists Association exhibitions, Teaching Artist exhibitions, ODU, and The Artists Gallery.  I have also had my work exhibited at the Hummingbird Gallery, Monteverde, Costa Rica and the Rainforest Alliance headquarters in Manhattan, New York.  I have been published twice in the VBCPS anthology, A Tapestry Of Knowledge and have published a variety of limited edition prints of my original paintings.  I also received best in show awards at two of the artists gallery juried shows in 2010, Fresh Paint”  New Works and Surf’s Up 2010.  In 2011 I received the President’s Award at the Art Institute’s juried exhibition, Seven Cities Subculture Art Exhibit.


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