Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Dendrobates Reticulatus, The Red Backed Poison Frog

Red Backed Poison Frog

Acrylic on Canvas, 4′ X 6′, NFS

This beautiful little frog has a bright orange upper back and head surrounded by reticulation of black lack spots (often fairly large) on a blue-green to greenish white background. This reticulation continues over the rump and the limbs and also occupies the belly. There is also a bright orange spot on the chin. The red-backed Poison Frog is found in the wet rainforests of Peru at elevations between 400 and 800 meters. It dwells in trees in epiphytes and bromeliads.

The adults are quite aggressive and are known to display cannibalistic tendencies. These frogs are quite small (14 to 16mm in adults) and therefore are extremely difficult to find. One would have to climb into the canopy and search the bromeliads and epiphytes for this minute creature.

I have divided the canvas into multifaceted areas to give multiple views of this specimen. The patterns and colors of Dendrobates Reticulatus in contrast with the vibrant greens in the backgrounds are intended to provide the viewer with a neon like sensation when observing the piece. The colors produce a nightmare effect with black malicious eyes piercing through the facets of bright green and red-orange. I have adjusted my painting palette so that it constantly heats up and cools down with color and textural variations.

Prints shrink wrapped 30″ X 19″:  $15.00 (no matt), add $175.00 for black metal frame.


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