Post Aboriginal Modernist Painter

Mackay Island Lotus


36″ X 48″, Acrylic On Canvas, ©11/11/2010, Edward A. Obermeyer


This piece was created after a trip to Mackay Island Refuge on the Virginia and North Carolina boarder. Someone over the years had tossed some beautiful lotus plants into the water at the boarder, and to this day, they have flourished and reward those fortunate enough to notice these beautiful blossoms in the summer months. Creating this piece was incredibly challenging, in that my newly formed style of Aboriginal Modernism required a labor intensive layering of the stroke techniques I had developed over time. The background for example started as a deep pthalocyanine green mixture of strokes, which was then overlapped with a lighter green, and then an even lighter one after that. I actually got much too light and had to go back over the strokes with a darker green before adding the red strokes to give the green a more vivid but subdued hue. Varying tones of the green hues were adjusted in the foreground area to create a somewhat three dimensional feel to the foliage and blooms. Towards the end, I added even lighter hues and intensities to the butterflies at the top of the painting which turned our nicely.

Limited Edtion Prints available in the following sizes:
25″ X 30 1/2″, Matted/Shrink Wrapped-$45.00, Framed: $175.00


Detail of Lotus


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